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A cold-hearted man with no regard for any other living thing except for himself with the skills to commit mass homicide. A monstrous man, both in size and in himself, who steps on all those who are weak, taking what he wants and taking who he wants. He is known for his strength, his unhesitating reactions, and predatory-like behavior. Dangerous. Comparing him to a small village is like a lion to a herd of infant goats. A trapdoor spider to the unsuspecting worm breaching out of the soil for fresh air only to be cut into pieces by the solid mandibles and corroded into nothing but blood and soupy flesh. No mercy. Unrelenting.

He does not speak of his family or friends to anyone. It is unclear if he is the last of his kin or if he spends his free time talking to dead people nailed to his walls. One would think that very thing.

Though vicious and seemingly unstable, he shows signs of actually being human. He can express sadness and love. He can tell the difference between what is right and wrong. Yet he continues to destroy and pillage and ruin all that he comes near. He doesn’t know why. Maybe this is his destiny. Perhaps destruction and pain is all he’s ever known, and is too scared to know what it is like to be vulnerable and loved and trusted. To be soothed by someone else’s hands and heart.


He is too menacing, too dangerous. He is the murderer of children and innocents, the destroyer of families and cities, the brute who takes whatever woman he desires. This is his life, this is what is meant to be. He deserves not the comfort or love of a woman who loves him, nor the silence at night without the screams and crying of babies flooding his head every night. The fear and anxiety he has with every waking second will remain with him until the day someone is actually brave enough to kill him and be successful at it.

He is the perfect example of savage and pariah. An outcast who drills fear into the very minds of men and women who claim to be unshakable. Alone in his work, now and forever, he rips lives apart and brings despair wherever he treads-

Lonely. Cold. Empty. Angry.

This is what he is.


This is alleged video footage of Michael Brown stealing an item and intimidating and assaulting a shop keeper.

Assuming this is Michael Brown, does this mean he deserved to die for this crime? No. That being said watching how he casually and even cruelly manhandles, bullies and intimidates the shop keeper makes me feel significantly less sympathy for him and his family.

I don’t know about you, but it’s difficult to feel sympathy for a violent criminal when they themselves are victimized.

One bully gunned down by another.

Nevertheless, if the Police officer acted inappropriately he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Michael Brown didn’t deserve to die for these actions… but I don’t think he’s the martyr we’re looking for.

I almost (unintentionally) started a bitch-fest with a difficult customer at work today. I really did genuinely mean what I said, but she definitely took it the wrong way and told me to apologize for “what I’ve done”. Friend came to the rescue and pulled me away before she finally left though. I hope she never comes back unless it’s to apologize for being as rude as she was.

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